Watch the Partnership’s Board meetings live

It will now be easier to watch and learn about decisions that affect local health and social care services, as Falkirk’s Integration Joint Board and committees introduce livestreamed meetings.

The Partnership originally introduced video recordings of its Board and sub-committees, available to view shortly after meetings, in response to the pandemic.

As video calls and remote working have become more commonplace, the Partnership is now piloting a hybrid model for its internal sessions and launching live broadcasts of Board meetings, making the decision-making process more accessible to the public, members, and representatives.

What are the benefits of livestreaming and hybrid meetings?

A defining feature of the pandemic, the rise of video conferencing technology has improved ways of working and increased access to local democracy, allowing people to take part while balancing their council, caring, or other employment responsibilities.

Livestreamed Board meeting will foster openness, transparency, and engagement in the decision-making process. Anyone can tune in live or watch the recording later on YouTube.

The platform meets high accessibility standards, requiring no additional software and the option for users to turn on live-subtitling and transcription.

The first meeting to be livestreamed will be the Integration Joint Board on Friday 18 November at 9:30am. Livestreams will be hosted on Falkirk Council’s Committee Meetings YouTube channel,  with links accessible from the Board web pages, with a playback option available shortly after the meeting.

The Board’s agenda and meeting papers are uploaded in advance to the Partnership’s website and Falkirk Council’s meeting pages.

Watch live