Brew Monday 2022

This Brew Monday, 17 January, Samaritans is reminding everyone to reach out for a cuppa and a catch-up with the people you care about.

Why ‘Brew Monday’?

The third Monday in January is sometimes referred to as ‘the most difficult day of the year’ but this is a myth. There’s no such thing as ‘Blue Monday’ – we all have our good days and our bad days, and those aren’t for the calendar to decide.

So it’s time to stop this myth about Monday being ‘blue’ and instead start a conversation over a brew! Reach out and connect with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

We can always make time for a cuppa and a catch-up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday morning or Saturday night, or if you’re drinking green tea, black coffee or orange juice. If you’re sharing a cuppa and listening, you’re doing it right.

You can find everything you need to have a Brew Monday with Samaritan’s downloadable resources.

Little tips for helping someone open up when something’s up

1: How to spot when something might be up

These are some of the signs that someone may not be okay

  • Not wanting to do things they usually enjoy.
  • Finding everyday things overwhelming.
  • Not replying to messages,or being distant.
  • Avoiding people or seeming quiet.
  • Appearing restless or agitated.
  • Easily tearful.
  • Drinking or using drugs to cope with feelings.
2: How top open up a conversation

Don’t be shy to ask how someone’s feeling:

  • Choose a good time, and somewhere without distractions.
  • Use open questions that need more than a yes/no answer.
  • ‘How are things? I’ve noticed you don’t seem quite yourself.’
  • Listen well. ‘How’s that making you feel?’
  • Avoid giving your view of what’s wrong, or what they should do.
3: How to be a good listener

Showing you care builds trust to open up:

  • Make eye contact and put away your phone.
  • Focus completely on the other person.
  • Pauses are fine, try not to jump in to fill a silence.
  • Say back what you think it is they are wanting you to hear.
  • Resist putting your own interpretation on it.
  • Don’t give up. Sometimes it can take a few tries!
4: How to be a good listener

If it feels like the person is really struggling to cope:

  • ‘Would you like to get some help?’
  • #Have you tried your GP?’
  • ‘Would you like me to come with you?’
  • ‘Did you know you don’t have to be feeling suicidal to call Samaritans?’
  • ‘Samaritans is free, 24 hours a day if you’re feeling low or worried too.’
  • ‘If it helps, you can talk to me any time.

Getting help

Samaritans is available for anyone who needs someone to listen. Call free day or night on 116 123 or email

Falkirk’s mental health association, FDAMH, can provide local support and advice. Visit for more information. You can access the immediate help service Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm, and Friday from 10am to 3pm – just call on 01324 671600.