Community Choices

Falkirk Council, working alongside Falkirk Heath and Social Care Partnership have launched the Community Choices initiative – a fund of over £3M over two years where YOU can apply for funding to bring about the changes that can make a difference to YOUR community.

Community Choices aims to support proposals that can make your area Fairer, Healthier, more Connected & more Inclusive. Clubs, organisations, community groups and even individuals can apply for funding to make these changes happen.

More information about Community Choices is available HERE

An Advisory Panel made up of nine community representatives (one from each Council ward), four representatives from Falkirk’s third sector and four representatives from Falkirk Council and the Health and Social Care Partnership will ensure that full applications meet the criteria before they are put forward to a public vote. More information on the Panel and how you can apply to join it is available HERE.

If you’d like more information about Community Choices, please contact or Tel: 07483918555