New learning and development platform for social services staff

A new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) platform is being launched to help staff easily record and take part in learning and development activity.

All staff within Falkirk Council’s Social Work Adult Services, Justice, and Children and Families Services will have access to the new platform, CPD Manager. The new online platform will allow staff to:

  • View and apply for CPD opportunities offered by Falkirk Council and Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership.
  • Submit an external course request form.
  • Maintain and update your CPD record, as part of the regulation processes to the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) or Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).
  • Export your CPD record to upload to SSSC or HCPC.
  • Receive CPD news – ensuring you are kept up to date with mandatory training or new opportunities.
  • Receive certification for attended courses and complete course evaluations.

Lifelong learning
No matter what your stage of career or level of education, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can be used by everyone to learn something new, refresh knowledge, or improve existing skills.

CPD can take many forms, from joining a course, attending professional events, gaining formal qualifications, or simply learning about the latest developments and thinking within your profession.

Through the new CPD manager, staff can take part in mandatory training and review, apply for, and choose from a range of learning opportunities which are of interest to you and your training needs.

Registering your account
Registration emails will be sent from your line manager, in due course, to your Falkirk Council email address (e.g.,

This email will contain login details for the system. You should use these details immediately to activate your account. Following this, you will be prompted to verify your email address. It is essential that you do this in order to receive email updates.

Before you can apply for a course, you will be asked to complete an equal opportunities monitoring form, please ensure that you undertake this task.

Using CPD Manager
Staff can log in using their details at Falkirk Social Work Services CPD ( User guides, info, and video tutorials are available within CPD Manager’s help sections.
If you do not receive a registration email with log-in details, please contact your line manager.

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