Workshops for People Working in Adult Social Work & Social Care to Manage Their Wellbeing

If you work in social work or social care and experience grief and loss in the workplace, you may find this offer extremely valuable.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made grief and loss a regular experience for those on the frontline of public services.

In recognition of this, the Scottish Government has teamed up with bereavement specialists, Cruse Scotland, to offer a series of pilot workshops for people working in Adult Social Care and Social Work to manage their wellbeing through these difficult times, with the intention of expanding the offer to additional sectors of the workforce at a later date.

The facilitated workshops will explore the personal impact of grief and loss on staff. They are intended to resource you with information, awareness, advice and strategies to cope with grief and loss  experienced through your working roles. Topics will be discussed in a safe space, with a highly experienced bereavement trainer from Cruse Scotland.

Please note, these are not Grief Counselling sessions. The workshops will cover:

Each workshop will provide interactive discussions about the grief process and will provide models that can enhance your understanding of grief and loss.

How to Register

All the workshops are offered FREE to social work and social care staff. To qualify, participants or their workplaces must be registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

The four courses are available to book between end of November 2021 and March 2022. They are scheduled on different days and at different times to allow for different shift patterns. Click on the above session you wish to attend and register on the eventbrite platform.

Duration & Dates

Each session lasts 3 hrs – 2.5 on content and discussion – with 30 mins engagement time and a short break. A facilitator will be available for short support following the session if requested by attendees.

The facilitator will close the session after all attendees have left.

Four courses are available to book. They are scheduled on different days and at different times to allow for different shift patterns.

Grief and loss Compassionate conversations Wellbeing, working with grief, distress and trauma Self-care following distressing traumatic experiences

9.30 -12.30


9.30 -12.30




9.30 -12.30


2pm – 5pm


1pm -4pm


9.30 -12.30


9.30 12.30


4pm – 7pm


12.30 – 3.30


12.30 – 3.30


2pm – 5pm




2pm – 5pm


4pm – 7pm


4pm -7pm

Both personal or work email addresses are accepted in the sign up process.

Please book in advance, a  maximum of 15 people can attend each workshop, which will be delivered digitally over Microsoft Teams.