Home Care: Family support can relieve pressure this Easter

With system-wide pressure continuing to affect local health and social care services, Falkirk’s Care at Home Service is requesting anyone with a loved one requiring support to consider how they can help.

This could include providing meals, assisting with medication prompts, or helping with personal care, either in their own home or at the home of their family member.

The local health and social care partnership says this will ensure people receive the care and support they need, and individuals waiting to be discharged from hospital can return home sooner than waiting for a care package to be put in place.

As has been the case since winter, Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership continues to review and prioritise some packages of care, due to limited staff capacity and unprecedented high demand.

The request for family support comes as all services prepare for a very challenging Easter period, with NHS Forth Valley asking people to ensure they get the right care in the right place and avoid using emergency services for non-life-threatening illnesses.

Martin Thom, Head of Integration, Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “Usually, we would be looking forward to Easter and springtime, as we move out of the traditionally busier winter period.

“Unfortunately, our staff and local providers continue to face consistently high levels of demand combined with limited staff capacity.

“We are working hard to match the needs of people requiring support to the availability of our care. While we are actively recruiting additional staff members, delays or reductions in care are possible unless we can relieve the existing demand.

“Similar disruption is facing services across the country, and we are extremely appreciative of the understanding, patience, and kindness displayed by local people using our services as we continue to respond to these challenges.”

Families able to provide temporary additional support for their loved ones can contact the Home Care Team on 01324 506 070 to discuss appropriate ways they can help.