Falkirk’s 2022/23 budget conversations

Preparation of Falkirk Council’s 2022/23 Budget is well underway. Ahead of final decisions on where public funds will be allocated, a range of conversations are being opened for all residents across the local area.

Through ward-based online conversation events and an online survey, residents have the opportunity to share what they think the Council’s spending priorities should be for the year ahead.

The views expressed through the Budget Conversations will be shared with the Councillors who decide the 2022/23 budget.

Why your views matter

There is a shortfall between how much Falkirk Council spend on services and how much funding is available. This is called ‘the budget gap’. This means that the decisions made by Council about how funds are spent will affect some more than others, particularly those that rely on Council services.

The Council currently expects to need to save up to £28m in the next financial year, depending on funding settlements and inflation before the costs of responding to the pandemic are factored in.

Despite the increasing financial pressures, the Council is still expecting to invest around £377m over the next year, delivering a huge range of services.

This includes areas supported by the Health and Social Care Partnership – such as older people’s services, home care, residential care, and services for people with disabilities.

By taking part, you can help influence how that money is spent.

Getting involved

There are several ways to get involved:

  1. Join the online conversation for your Ward. If you’re not sure what ward you’re in, check here.
  2. Complete the Falkirk Council Budget Survey which is open until 29 January 2022.
  3. Encourage family, friends, and neighbours living in the Council area to attend the events or complete the survey.

For more information, please visit the Budget Conversations web page or contact the team on budgetconversations@falkirk.gov.uk