Take part: Falkirk Community Hospital project moves forward

The next stage of the Falkirk Community Hospital masterplan project kicks off this month, with a series of themed workshops planned to agree the future models of care required for a range of community-based services.

The workshops will build on the findings and recommendations produced earlier this year within the Strategic Assessment, a review backed by local integration health boards and NHS Forth Valley to explore ways that services could be improved, made more accessible, or integrated better together.

Running from November and into the new year, staff, patients, and service user representatives will be able to take part in themed workshops to discuss the models of care and expected space (facilities or settings) required for future services.

Upcoming workshops

  • 15 November – Bedded Care
  • 15 November – Ophthalmology
  • 16 November – Outpatients
  • 22 November – Child and Family Health
  • 22 November – Primary Care

The workshops will gather knowledge and views to inform and develop an Initial Agreement and business case proposal to either redevelop existing facilities or develop new facilities to meet the future needs of local services.

Invites to stakeholders have been issued, if you wish to join the mailing list or take part in any of the above workshop sessions, please email HSCPComms@fakirk.gov.uk.

About the project

A new masterplan is being developed for Falkirk Community Hospital, setting out a vision for how existing services could be developed, improved, and expanded services across the site and local communities.

This is being taken forward in partnership with local staff, GP practices, NHS Forth Valley, Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership staff and Falkirk Council. A summary of progress made so far can be found on the Partnership’s website.

Frequently asked questions

What is being discussed at this stage?

We are exploring what models of care will best meet the future needs of our current services at Falkirk Community Hospital. This involves reviewing our care pathways, patterns of working, existing capacity, and how we improve outcomes for people who access these services.

The information gathered at this stage will inform the Initial Agreement, which answers questions like:

  • What are the current services, and what needs to change?
  • Why are the proposed changes a good thing to do?
  • Where are the opportunities for improvement?
  • What problems do we have with the existing arrangements?
  • What is the preferred strategic or service solution?
What isn’t being discussed at this stage?

While we are talking about the services currently provided at the Falkirk Community Hospital site, we’re not talking about buildings or specific facilities right now.

First, we need to establish what models of care we need to progress, and then we will explore how we deliver them – that could be through redeveloping existing facilities or creating new ones.

How long will this project take?

We’re at the start of a long and detailed journey, with plenty of opportunities ahead to take part and shape the project. Right now, our assumed timelines include the following milestones:

  • Aug 2023: Finalise the initial agreement
  • August 2024: Finalise the outline business cases
  • August 2025: Finalise the full business cases
  • December 2027: Construction and commissioning
  • 2028: Any new or redeveloped facilities are operational