Boosting Falkirk’s social care workforce

Local social care staff share their stories to support a new national recruitment campaign.

Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership has backed a new marketing campaign to support the recruitment of more adult social care workers, launched to help address the high level of vacancies in the sector.

The campaign – titled ‘there is more to care than caring’ – will raise awareness of the career opportunities available in adult social care and encourage people to apply. Activity includes radio, outdoor and digital advertising, highlighting the important work done by adult social care workers.

By sharing their success stories and explaining why social care can be rewarding career option, staff hope to attract more people to work in adult social care and raise its status as a profession.

Arlene Carroll, a Home Care Manager for Falkirk Council, said: “Like any job, it has its challenges but it’s such a rewarding role. If I have a breakthrough with someone, it just makes any little challenges you face so worth it.

“The people you care for really develop a trust in you and know that you’re there to help which is just one of the best feelings in the world. I love watching people begin to trust us and allow us to make a difference in their lives.”

Arlene has been in the care sector for 21 years and was initially drawn to the career for the flexibility it offered her to work around her family commitments. She’s since gone on to take advantage of training opportunities afforded to her to progress in her career and develop new skills.

Speaking at the launch of the national campaign, Social Care Minister Kevin Stewart said: “Working in adult social care can be challenging but offers the opportunity to have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives on a daily basis.

“We are increasing pay, improving terms and conditions in the sector, and developing clear career pathways for the workforce, ahead of the introduction of the National Care Service. This will lead to more rewarding roles for the existing adult social care workforce, and for new entrants to the profession.

“This campaign highlights that while relevant experience can help, it is core interpersonal skills such as communication, compassion, empathy and respect that are most highly valued. If these are skills you possess then adult social care could be the career for you.”

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