Staying Safe this Winter

NHS Forth Valley’s Director of Public Health, Dr Graham Foster, is urging local people across Forth Valley to remain extra vigilant, take Covid-19 tests and get vaccinated after a small number of cases of the new Omicron variant were confirmed in Forth Valley.

A reminder of useful information and steps to help keep everyone safe this winter can be found below:

Book your Covid Booster and Flu Vaccine

If you’re eligible, your flu and coronavirus booster vaccines may be given at the same time, one in each arm. Appointments must be booked in advance. For health and care staff, use the National Booking Portal to book. For everyone else, check eligibility and book online with NHS Inform.

Test regularly without symptoms

Regular testing is particularly important over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas as people start to socialise more and mix with friends and family from other households. Order tests online or collect from a local pharmacy.

Flu Vaccination at Pharmacies

If you are not eligible for a free flu vaccine and wish to get one, you can arrange to be vaccinated at one of the 55 participating local pharmacies in Forth Valley.

Look out for yourself and others

The National Wellbeing Hub provides a range of advice and resources for health and care staff, carers, volunteers and their families. You can access help via the National Wellbeing Hub website or by phoning on 0800 111 4191.

Health and wellbeing advice is available for everyone in Scotland through the Clear your head website.