Staff engagement: Tobacco and Cannabis Awareness Sessions

NHS Forth Valley’s Health Promotion Service invites staff to new online Tobacco and Cannabis Awareness Sessions.

Training is aimed towards any staff and volunteers working across Forth Valley services who have opportunities to have discussions around tobacco and cannabis use with the people they work with, in order to promote positive health and well-being, as part of their role. 

Upcoming Training Session

Tobacco and Cannabis Awareness Session

Tuesday 20th September 2022,   1pm – 4pm

The training session aims to:

  • Provide knowledge and confidence around tobacco and cannabis
  • Provide an awareness of the reasons people smoke/use cannabis
  • Increase confidence in discussing tobacco and cannabis
  • Encourage referrals to the Stop Smoking Service (Quit Your Way).

Learning outcomes: 

  • Increased knowledge around tobacco and cannabis use and their effects
  • An awareness of different tobacco products, e-cigarettes and cannabis forms
  • Knowledge about the effects of tobacco, cannabis and synthetic cannabis on the body & brain
  • Being able to identify and reflect on barriers for stopping smoking
  • Awareness of harm reduction strategies
  • Increased confidence in raising conversations around stopping smoking and how to refer for further support where necessary.

Training is currently hosted on MS Teams. You will be sent an invite to join the session on MS Teams, you will need an internet accessible device, eg smart phones, tablet or PC to join.  If you don’t already use MS Teams you may wish to familiarise yourself with it in advance.

To register please use the online form:

Further training dates announced later in the year.