Annual Performance Report 2020/21

Falkirk’s Integration Joint Board has approved the publication of the Health and Social Care Partnership’s 5th Annual Performance Report.

The report tells the story of a remarkable year, focusing on the Partnership’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to make progress against its long-term strategic vision.

Patricia Cassidy, Chief Officer, Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership comments: “Our workforce and communities have worked throughout the pandemic to provide person-centred care at pace and at scale. Relationships have been strengthened, demonstrating the success of integrated working.

“There is a considerable amount to be proud of within this report. In the face of unprecedented upheaval, our services and communities proved they were capable of adapting and rising to the challenge.

“While we continue to face significant challenge to respond to the increasing demand across the health and care system, we owe our continued thanks to local carers, staff, partner organisations, and communities for joining us on the journey to provide the much-needed support and care throughout the Falkirk area.”

Performance spotlight

Included in the report are examples of the real impacts and positive outcomes made possible by the efforts of Falkirk’s health and care services, a snapshot of these achievements includes:

  • From June to August, our community and third sector response supported almost 800 households per week. Over 20 organisations were involved with the Emergency Food Project.
  • 3211 people have used the Living Well Falkirk site to access information about staying well and living independently, including support to live well with long-term conditions
  • 1461 resources were shared by the Health Improvement Resource Service through local libraries. The resources provide information and advice on alcohol, drug use, and tobacco.
  • The Home First service has helped over 1200 people return home or to a homely setting since January 2020, enabling people to avoid a delay in their discharge from hospital.
  • A network of 112 volunteers have provided practical and emotional support for people with life-limiting conditions through Strathcarron’s Compassionate Neighbour project.
  • Over 1200 pieces of equipment were loaned out each month through the Joint Loan Equipment Service, helping people to live as independently as possible in their own home.
  • Helping to tackle social isolation during lockdown, over 10,000 safe and well checks were conducted in the community by Falkirk’s Royal Voluntary Service.
  • Falkirk’s Carers Centre supported 833 new carers this year, provided 84 individuals with a grant to fund a short break, and delivered 90 Care with Confidence sessions for 447 people.
  • 4% of adults in Falkirk say they are able to look after their health very well or quite well. (National Indicator Performance, NI-1)
  • 6% of adults receiving any kind of care or support rated it as either excellent or good. (National Indicator Performance, NI-5)
  • 8% of adults supported at home agreed they felt safe (National Indicator Performance, NI-9)


Scotland’s Health and Social Care Partnerships are required to publish annual reports by 31 July each year under the Public Bodies (Joint Working) Regulations 2014. This year, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic upon services, the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 allowed Partnerships to postpone the publication of annual reports until the end of November 2021.