Care at home services request family support this Christmas

Falkirk’s Care at Home Service is experiencing significant disruption due to extreme rates of covid-related staff absence, requiring the support of families and communities this Christmas.

Pandemic related delays and significant demand for services is now present across the system – from hospital capacity to the number of carers available to provide support at home.

It is now highly likely that some packages of care will need to be reviewed and suspended due to limited staff capacity.

Families with a loved one requiring support at home are being asked to consider whether there is anything they could do to relieve pressure on services.

This will ensure people in need receive care at home and individuals waiting to be discharged from hospital can return home during the festive period instead of waiting for a care package to be put in place.

This could include providing meals, assisting with medication or helping with personal care, either in their own home or at the home of their family member.

Patricia Cassidy, Chief Officer, Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “We are working hard to continue to provide safe and appropriate levels of care by matching the needs of the people we support to the availability of the care.

“Unfortunately, we are experiencing significant disruption to our care at home services due to extreme and unsustainable rates of staff absence. This will result in the reduction of care we are able to provide and the need to ask families to support care for their loved one.

“Similar challenges are being faced across the country and we are extremely appreciative of the understanding, patience, and kindness displayed by local people using our services during this very challenging time.”