Spotlight on: Hallglen Pantry

An example of the important role community support plays in the Falkirk area, this case study is one of many included in our 2020-21 annual performance report.

Falkirk’s Community Learning & Development (CLD) staff worked with volunteers in Hallglen to transition from an emergency food provider to a sustainable food pantry for the local community.

The local community initiated this project to help alleviate the stigma of giving out ‘free food’. The pantry enables people to pay what they could afford and provides a more dignified approach to addressing food insecurity in their community.

Living and volunteering in their community, and drawing from their own experiences, the group understands the issues faced by local people. It is not only about food security, but maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing.

The group are now operating on a sustainable footing and are confident in being able to attract additional funding and resources into their community. They have continued to build their own capacity by taking up training opportunities offered by partners e.g. NHS Community Food Development modules.

Hallglen Community Volunteers are now one of four satellite sites for the VIVA Project. This is a community-led health initiative to provide community-based access to mental health services and a mental health champion.

About the Service

Further information about the Hallglen Foodbank and pantry, as well as details of volunteering opportunities across the Falkirk area, can be found on the CVS Falkirk Website. The Hallglen team also post regular updates via their Facebook page.