Spotlight on: Neighbourhood Networks

An example of inclusion and independence support for adults as an alternative to building-based day services, this blog is one of many case studies included in our latest annual performance report.

Neighbourhood Networks is a service that brings people together to form networks and peer groups to make best use of facilities within their own communities.

The service is available to adults with learning disabilities and has an average of 15 members to each group. It was launched in Partnership’s east locality in 2018 and is being extended to the wider Falkirk area.

The service is an alternative to “building-based” day services for people with learning disabilities, which allows people to access support closer to home within their community.

Neighbourhood Networks were able to remain fully operational throughout the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Members benefitted from welfare calls on a regular basis, WhatsApp group chats with other members, doorstep visits, and 1:1 health walks in the local community to encourage members to get out the house and build up their confidence again getting back outdoors.

When restrictions allowed, members met safely in the local community for health walks in small groups. Members had full access to the digital activities planner which hosts a range of activities picked by members, including: mindfulness, yoga, weight management, human rights courses, dance, art, photography, creative writing, karaoke, and many other activities.

Members can get involved at their own pace to suit individual needs and concerns, which may have been complicated by COVID-19. By continuing to offer a service during the pandemic, positive relationships were formed between members, helping to build confidence.

Individuals can choose how they engage with and use the service – whether that be digitally, face to face, or over the phone. By giving this choice, members engage in a way that suits them.

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You can learn more and get in touch with your local Neighbourhood Networks team by visiting their website.